My approach
What is psychodynamic / psychoanalytic therapy?

I practice psychodynamic / psychoanalytic psychotherapy which is a form of talking therapy that aims to help you to become more conscious and more aware of unconscious processes and patterns of behaviour that can have a huge impact on your relationships and how you experience life.

Throughout the course of the therapy, I will work with you to make sense of these behaviours with the aim of making them more consciously understood so that you have more of a choice as to what we do about them.

I would advise someone who is considering beginning therapy to think about the type of therapy they might want, as there are many different types of talking therapies. The type of therapy is an important consideration, but a no less important aspect of any therapy is the relationship you have with your therapist, and I would advise you to meet with your prospective therapist to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe with them.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is generally open-ended, but I can offer short-term, focused psychotherapy where appropriate.

Next Steps
How does it work?

Initial consultation: If you think this is the type of therapy that you are looking for you can contact me to arrange an initial meeting. I will gain an understanding of what it is that brings you to me and what you hope to achieve from the therapy. If you are searching for something other than psychodynamic psychotherapy, or if you feel it isn't the best fit for your needs, I will be happy to recommend alternative treatment options.

Your sessions: Following an initial consultation, if we agree that it would be helpful for us to work together, then we would begin sessions. I see some of my clients once weekly and others at a more regular frequency, up to three times per week. Sessions last 50 minutes and would be at the same time and on the same day each week.

This time would be 'your time' and would be blocked out for you. Therefore if you couldn't make a session for any reason, you would be charged. If you were able to give advanced notice, I would do my best to re-schedule the session, but this may not always be possible. If I have to cancel a session you will not be charged. I will inform you in advance of any leave that I need to take.

Where I work: I am part of a team of mental health professionals based at The Psychology Practice in Tanglin Road in Singapore. The environment is peaceful and comfortable and we ensure that your privacy and confidentiality are considered. Click here for more information.

Unconscious patterns of behaviour can impact your relationships